Do I Need a Security Clearance Attorney?

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Published: July 17, 2021

I hear far too often as a security clearance attorney, “I didn’t know I should hire an attorney” or “my security officer told me I could handle this myself.” In nearly every security clearance case and at every stage in the adjudication process, your chances of success will increase with assistance from an experienced security clearance attorney.

Will my employer or the agency wonder why I hired an attorney?

It is possible that somebody who doesn’t understand the complexity of applying for and maintaining a security clearance might wonder why you hired an attorney. That said, anybody with a decent understanding of the process will not only understand; they will consider the choice to hire a security clearance attorney to be a mature and responsible action.

How can a security clearance attorney help?

In general, an attorney is trained to read and write in a more analytical manner and has a great deal of experience interpreting the questions on the different security clearance application forms. An attorney is also trained in persuasive writing and can present the facts in the light most favorable to you. Most people want to be honest and tend to present the facts in a very objective, often harmful manner. You would benefit from persuasively presenting the facts.

There is a significant difference between, “I was arrested for a DWI and blew a 1.5” and “I was arrested for driving while intoxicated. I immediately sought an evaluation and counseling. I self-reported to my security officer. I have no alcohol use disorder.

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